Holmes Ecological Design & Construction

Holmes Ecological Design & Construction is a full service consulting, design & building company geared dedicated to creating climate adaptive, energy-efficient, water-wise, healthy buildings and outdoor spaces. We design and build projects that are site specific, tuned to the climate, context and environment they will be in, and built with non-toxic, renewable and/ or recycled and reclaimed materials. We seek clients committed to creating healthy, ecologically sensitive built environments without sacrificing good design and architectural delight.

Services include:

Consulting • Planning • Preliminary Design • Architectural Renderings & Models • Design Development • Construction Documents • Permitting / Bidding • Construction / Construction Management • New Construction / Remodels / Additions • Passive Solar Design • Active Solar Design (Photovoltaics and Solar Hot Water) • Energy-Efficiency & Comfort Retrofits • Hydronic Radiant Heating System Design & Installation • Rainwater Catchment System Design & Installation • Greywater System Design & Installation • Natural Building Materials & Systems (Cob, Adobe, Rammed Earth, Strawbale, Light Straw-Clay, Earthen & Lime Plasters) • Workshops / Lectures / Presentations